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A clinical-stage oncology biotechnology company was planning an important communication to key healthcare providers. The company had just received notification of acceptance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for their Biologics Licensing Application (BLA). The acceptance of the BLA represented the accomplishment of a significant milestone on the path to regulatory approval. The marketing team wanted to officially and quickly share their achievement with a broad audience of relevant Healthcare Providers (HCPs) to prepare them for the launch of their therapy.

The company did not have the internal technology expertise or resources required to develop and deploy this message in a timely manner to their target audience. They looked to Conexus Solutions to deliver the capabilities required to execute this strategic communication.


Conexus Solutions recognized the significance of this communication. We also understood that it would require swift-moving technical expertise to achieve success. The Conexus team coordinated activities with the client’s creative agency and acted as a central point of contact for all parties. We worked with the client and the agency to develop and execute a winning communication strategy in a short timeframe.

As part of the deployment, Conexus analyzed the target audience and identified data issues resulting in a 25% improvement for deliverability and contributed to an email sender “in good standing” status.

   Using Marketing Automation Technology to Optimize the Message

The Conexus Cloud Services team leveraged marketing automation tools throughout the project. We designed and developed email template structure while the creative agency drafted the email content. The Conexus team then ran a “pre-flight” check on the email template and content that helped to identify several deliverability issues within the content.

We were able to quickly detect words, phrases, and patterns that were likely to trigger spam filters. The output of our check also suggested ways to address identified issues. We isolated several content issues in the draft email and coordinated with the agency to troubleshoot the issues and finalize the email format, structure, and content.

Once the target list and email content were approved, the Conexus team scheduled and deployed the initial email. As part of the outreach strategy, we also deployed an echo email to targeted contacts who did not open the original email. We employed this strategy to ensure that the maximum number of HCPs received and opened the important message.


For most, if not all, broad-level communications in Life Sciences, nothing can be sent out until all messaging is approved. This creates a challenge for the fast deployment of messaging. Using our processes, technical expertise, and understanding of the issues faced by pharma, Conexus was able to deploy a critical message to the relevant HCPs 33% faster than a standard marketing automation deployment.

The Conexus team’s strong technical proficiency afforded immediate, broad communication capabilities to the client. Our flexible services created a unique opportunity for the client to leverage marketing automation tools and templates to bolster the impact and effectiveness of their communications. Our expertise made the communication possible within a short timeframe. Our team became their team.

The Team Behind Your Team

The Conexus Cloud Services team delivers essential marketing automation and CRM system expertise to growing pharma marketing and sales operations teams. Our expertise provides a strong foundation for your team’s commercial success. We are the team behind your team.